About Us


Kyulux, Inc.
Founded March 9th, 2015
Management CEO : Christopher J. Savoie
CTO : Junji Adachi
CFO : Akira Minakuchi
Director: Tsuyoshi Sakamoto
Auditor: Yoshihiro Inoue


Dr. Christopher J. Savoie (Co-founder, CEO)

Serial entrepreneur, scientist, licensed attorney and inventor of Apple Siri’s natural language engine. Successful IPO and M & A track record. Doctorate in Medicine, Kyushu University and J.D., Nashville School of Law.

Junji Adachi (Co-founder, CTO)

Experienced engineer and manager with 30+ years of experience in industry commercializing cleantech and OLED materials at Panasonic and Kyushu University. Extensive experience incubating and collaborating with materials startups. B.S. Osaka University, Visiting Researcher, M.I.T.

Akira Minakuchi (Co-founder, CFO)

Experienced global venture capitalist with extensive investment and board experience with Silicon Valley, Asian and Japanese startups. B.A. Law, Meiji University.

Tsuyoshi Sakamoto (Director)

Dr. Chihaya Adachi (Co-Founder, Scientific Advisor)

World renowned innovator in OLED technology. Inventor and primary author in each generation of OLED technology. D. Eng. Materials Science, Kyushu University, Post Doctorial Fellow, Princeton University. Distinguished Professor at Kyushu University.


  • Research and development of OLED materials
  • Licensing
  • Manufacturing and sales of OLED materials